7 Days to Die is Coming Out of Alpha!

One of my all time favorite games for many years now has been 7 Days to Die - with more than 2,800 hours spent playing, I have a great many thoughts and feelings .... Mostly, it's good. I do worry that the game will become something unrecognizable and maybe too polished - 7D2D has always had it's own unique and very personal charm - no other zombie game has ever come close, and believe me when I say I've checked! As ever, I'm absolutely here for it, and while I probably won't be making any videos about it (I say PROBABLY not ), I will most assuredly be writing a lot about it. I have 7 Days to thank for one of the best ideas for a book I've ever had, as well as many hundreds of hours of intense as well as satisfying zombie killin' fun! "Last chance" sale starting on Steam before the price increase so if you've been thinking about trying 7 Days to Die out over the years, now is the time!